Board of Directors

Foundation Board for 2022-2023

Presidents Nancy Fody/Suhair Muallem
Past President Eileen Brader
 Secretary Jennifer Bruce
Treasurer Blesie Beaumier
Members-at-Large Jennifer Baguley(2023-2025)
Judy Sopeland (2020-2023)
Pam Vitaz (2020-2023)

Amylynn Buchach(2023-2025)
Jessica Morgan (2023-2025)

Ex-Officio Members

Parliamentarian Nancy Fody
KCMSA President Laura Kozminski
KCMSA President Elects NA


  • “Ex-officio” describes a position automatically gained because of another position already held. “Ex-officio” members of this organization are ineligible to vote.
  • Quorum = 5 (½ of the voting members present.)
  • Each Member At Large shall hold office for a term of two years and may be elected to a second, two year term. One year must transpire after the second 2-year term before a director can be reelected to the board.

*Eligible for re-election to second two year term.