Baxter Holiday Collection

Support the Baxter Child Development Center. Located  in the inner city of Grand Rapids, Baxter provides access to high quality early childhood education for a racially and economically diverse population of children.

How to contribute: 

1) Make a tax-deductible donation to the KCMSA Foundation by December 8. We will combine donations and purchase large ticket items (stereo systems and digital cameras) from Baxter’s wish list. Items will be delivered directly to Baxter and will remain there for children and staff to enjoy. Go to Please note “Baxter” in the special instructions box. Or write a check payable to the KCMSA Foundation, indicate it‘s for Baxter, and send to treasurer Andrea Maison, 2555 Hampshire Blvd. SE, GR, MI 49506.  

2) Please bring two dozen homemade cookies or treats to our holiday open house. Cookies will be repackaged into gift boxes and given as gifts to Baxter children, families & staff. 

3) Collect “Loose Parts for Play” items and bring to our holiday open house. Loose parts materials are household materials that children repurpose into cool toys and gadgets: 

  • Old cell phones, computer keyboards or other broken or outdated, non-working electronics
  • Old keys, paper towel rolls, small and medium sized boxes
  • Old pots and pans, cookie sheets, serving spoons
  • Recycled crates, milk or soda bottle caps, cardboard tubes, clothespins, wooden spoons, non-breakable mixing bowls 

All items will be delivered to Baxter December 11.

Please start to collect these items and bring them to our Holiday Open House at Kathy Kendall’s Home Tuesday, December 1012:00 – 3:00pm