Alliance in the News

Our work is often featured in the local media outlets, as well as local, state-wide, and national Alliance and physician publications. Here are links to these features. Thank you for your support!

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  • The Kent County Medical Society publishes a quarterly bulletin that is mailed to its members, and is also available online at: KCMS Bulletin. A few pages of the bulletin are dedicated to sharing KCMSA’s activities and upcoming events. Check out the Alliance Heartbeat section in the bulletin.

Media Coverage


    • We are proud to announce that our work for our 2016 Dose of Generosity Charity Event and its following social media Thank You Campaign won awards at the annual AMA Alliance meeting in June 2016! This was the second year in a row that we won the Health Awareness Promotion Award for Fundraising and our first award for Social Media.
      • 2016 Health Awareness Promotion Awards
        Kent County Medical Society Alliance, MI – “A Dose of Generosity”
      • 2016 Social Media Awards
        Community Outreach
        Kent County Medical Society Alliance, MI – “The Thank You Campaign”
    • In 2015, the KCMSA won two first place awards at the AMA Alliance annual meeting
      (click on link and go to pages 11-12 for details).

      • Health Awareness Promotion Awards
        Children’s Charity ball
      • Legislative Education & Awareness Promotion Award
        Immunization Conference

Recommended Publications for Members

    • The AMA Alliance has several publications they produce: Physician Family magazine, Alliance in Motion, and the AMA Alliance Link.